AC collection system

In addition to the direct current transmission line, the project would also include construction and operation of an alternating current (AC) collection system. The collection system would consist of four to six 345 kilovolt (kV) AC transmission lines that will collect and transport energy generated by wind farms in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle regions to the wind resource converter station that will be located south of Guymon in Texas County, Oklahoma. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project refers to possible locations of the AC collector lines as the AC collection system routes. The two-mile wide corridors identified in the Final EIS are intended as study areas for environmental analysis. The right-of-way for each line would be 150 to 200 feet wide. 

Clean Line expects that the collection system would consist of four to six AC transmission lines. We expect that each line would be located within one of the two-mile wide corridors studied. The location of the easements for the AC collection system lines will be defined based on landowner input, field surveys, permitting, engineering design, and other factors.

The collection system lines would likely be within a 40-mile radius from the wind resource converter station near Guymon. Clean Line based the 40-mile radius on preliminary studies of engineering constraints and wind resource data, industry knowledge, and economic feasibility.

Clean Line expects that future wind farms would connect to the AC collection system by way of a number of possible configurations. The voltage and size of these AC connections is unknown at this time. However, we expect that the maximum voltage will be 345 kV and that tubular or lattice steel structures would be used to support the transmission lines. The structures would be 75 to 180 feet tall. The final design of these facilities would depend on a number of factors including their location, the number of connections, and the size of the connecting wind farms. 

In its Record of Decision, DOE did not select the final routes for the AC collection system. Rather, DOE identified the agency's preferred alternative as the construction of between four and six AC collection transmission lines within a 40-mile radius from the Oklahoma converter station. The decision notes that the specific locations of these transmission lines cannot be known at this time and would depend on the locations of future wind farms that may be constructed in the future to connect to the Plains & Eastern Clean Line project. The 13 possible routes referenced in the ROD and analyzed in the Final EIS can be seen in orange below. 

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AC Collection System