The Plains & Eastern Clean Line is an approximately 700-mile direct current (HVDC) transmission line that will deliver wind energy from the Oklahoma Panhandle region to utilities and customers in the Mid-South and southeastern United States.

Just as trains carry cattle, wheat, cotton and other goods from rural areas to urban centers, the Plains & Eastern Clean Line will carry renewable energy from the Great Plains east to markets that have a strong demand for low-cost, clean power. 

Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project Map showing HVDC Transmission line

The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will create thousands of jobs, stimulate economic development, reduce pollution and water consumption, and enhance energy security and system reliability.


  • The development and construction of the Plains & Eastern Clean Line is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 billion and will make possible several billions of dollars of new, renewable energy investments.
  • The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will deliver enough clean energy to serve more than one million homes per year.
  • Renewable energy generators and utilities that purchase transmission capacity on the line will pay for usage of the Plains and Eastern Clean Line.

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