Strategic Alliances


Clean Line Energy has an agreement with Sediver (a business unit of Seves Group) to source glass insulators for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line project from a new manufacturing facility and testing laboratory that Sediver will build and operate in West Memphis, Arkansas. Sediver is a world leader in overhead transmission and distribution line insulator technology and has been serving leading utility customers throughout the world for the last 70 years. Clean Line selected Sediver not only because their toughened glass insulator technology ensures the best reliability for direct current technology transmission projects, but also because Sediver committed to manufacturing the insulators at their new state of the art facility scheduled to open in West Memphis, Arkansas in 2016. Rene Tabouret, CEO of Sediver, said of the agreement, “We are excited to be back in the United States and to be able to contribute to cutting-edge renewable energy infrastructure projects like the Plains & Eastern Clean Line.” The Sediver facility will employ more than 70 Arkansans when it opens, and the agreement furthers Clean Line’s commitment to partnering with local companies.

To read more about the agreement, view the full press release here.

General Cable

Plains & Eastern Clean Line and General Cable signed a Memorandum of Understanding for an order worth around $100 million, based on current commodity prices. Orders for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line high-voltage conductor cable would keep the current 152 associates at the Malvern, Arkansas plant busy for almost two years. At a press conference announcing the agreement, Gregory J. Lampert, President and CEO of General Cable North America, said “our facility and our associates in Malvern can take pride in knowing that the product they make will, in part, stay right in their state of Arkansas for this Clean Line project—improving the infrastructure of their state and strengthening its economy.”

Clean Line looks forward to partnering with additional companies in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and other states to deepen Plains & Eastern Clean Line's contribution to economic development.

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General Cable

Clean Line Energy and has selected GE Energy Connections as the exclusive provider of the HVDC converter stations for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line, paving the way for GE’s first HVDC project in the U.S. since acquiring Alstom’s energy businesses in 2015. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will benefit from the experience and leadership that GE brings to bear in modernizing the U.S. electric grid. GE has been at the forefront of many of the world’s largest infrastructure projects and will ensure that leading technology will be used to provide affordable, clean energy to the Mid-South and Southeast United States.

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Pelco Structural will be a preferred supplier for the tubular steel transmission structures that will be used for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission line project. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will deliver wind energy produced in the Oklahoma Panhandle region to consumers across the Mid-South and the Southeast regions. Clean Line's potential future supply order from Pelco could be worth $300 million or more depending on commodity prices and the number of structures purchased.

Under the agreement, Pelco will supply structures from its facility with approximately 100 employees in Claremore, Oklahoma. The transmission structures for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line will be manufactured within the states that the project crosses and raw materials will be sourced from local companies as much as possible.

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