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The Plains & Eastern Clean Line represents an exciting opportunity for Oklahoma and other states in the Mid-South and Southeast. The transmission line will facilitate an approximately six billion dollar investment in new wind farms in the Oklahoma Panhandle region, creating thousands of manufacturing and construction jobs in the state, and increasing taxes and other revenues to counties and communities that host the transmission line and associated facilities. Letters of support from landowners, local businesses, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders are an important consideration in the review process. We need your support to help move the project forward.

Please join the growing number of people who support clean energy and jobs in Oklahoma by signing a support letter to Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line today.

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Why Do You Support the Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project?

In this section, you can express why you personally support the project by writing your support in your own words or clicking on the benefits you care about the most.

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The project is estimated to provide 5,000+ construction jobs and 500+ permanent jobs to maintain and operate the wind farms and transmission line. Clean Line has a preferred supplier agreement with Pelco Structural in Claremore, Oklahoma to manufacture the tubular steel transmission structures that will be used for the Plains & Eastern Clean Line transmission line project. Clean Line is committed to utilizing local businesses and contractors for the construction and maintenance of the transmission line.

The project will invest a billion dollars in Oklahoma and will make possible more than $6 billion of additional new renewable energy investments that will increase demand for wind turbine and transmission components and likely create business opportunities throughout the wind energy supply chain. The Plains & Eastern Clean Line will also result in a significant increase in taxes and other revenues, landowner payments, and direct economic benefit to rural communities.

The project will make possible more than $6 billion of investment in additional wind farms that could not otherwise be built due to limitations of the existing electric transmission grid. Oklahoma already exports oil and natural gas and it has enough potential wind energy to supply more than 30 times its own electric demand. The export of wind energy represents another opportunity for Oklahoma to reap the benefits of abundant resources that create income and jobs.

Clean energy delivered by the Plains & Eastern Clean Line project will provide enough energy to power more than 1 million homes per year in the Mid-South and southeastern United States.

The project is estimated to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 12 million tons, nitrogen oxides (a contributor to smog) by 8,000 tons, sulfur dioxide (a precursor to acid rain) by 15,000 tons, and mercury by 248 pounds.

The project will reduce water withdrawal from lakes and rivers by 4 billion gallons per year.

Overhead direct current (DC) transmission lines are more efficient, cost-effective, and use less land while moving large amounts of power over long distances than comparable alternating current (AC) lines.