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Tips for Choosing Fireproof Safes for Documents

You have probably done everything you can to protect your business and family – in case of a fire outbreak. For instance, you have installed smoke alarms and have marked emergency exits planned to ensure that you are safe and sound. However, what about data, documents, and other valuable documents you have? Protecting your valuable items and paperwork is essential. Therefore, you should have the right fireproof safe for documents – both for your office and home. These are some of the features to look for when choosing one.


It is advisable to consult fire experts when buying a safe. That is because it determines the number of items that can fit into it and even types of items that can be stored within it. It is advisable to get a fireproof safe that handles more than you can store immediately. In any case, you do not want to limit what you should store since you will get more valuables and important documents in life.

If you are searching for the largest safe on the market, then there are many options available. There are safes that have adequate room for the valuables, and space is enough for documents. If you want to save some amount of money and you do not have to store a lot of things, then you should go for smaller safes.

Security System

fireproof safeThere is a need to evaluate the security system employed by the new safe as it has a direct effect on how secure it can be. In this case, there are basic systems that you can consider. These include lock and key, combination lock, and digital keypad. The lock and key system are considered to be the simplest for securing your valuables. Ideally, it is the same as operating your door. On the other hand, digital keypads are locks with a dial. Therefore, you only need to type a code into them. However, they come with an additional cost of regularly replacing batteries.

Maximum Temperature

As far as a fireproof document safe is concerned, you want to ensure it is fireproof and not just fire-resistant. When you purchase a safe with high-temperature rating, you can be assured that your items are safer. For instance, you can get a safe that can withstand up to 1800 degrees Celsius for two hours. That can offer you adequate protection.