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What to Look for When Buying Nightstand Gun Safe

The truth is that purchasing a gun safe is important to your safety and safety of your valuables. You can keep the bedside safe in a closet, bedside nightstand, or wardrobe. The safe ought to be protective against intrusions by burglars and thieves, plus your inquisitive kids. The following some of the factors to consider.

Mounting Options

You should note that bedside gun safes are portable and lightweight so they can be carried to wherever you want. However, that makes them easy to displace. The right nightstand gun safe ought to have certain mounting options. You can find safes with pre-drilled holes on the base to ensure they can be bolted inside a drawer or over the nightstand. When you mount your nightstand gun safe, it means it cannot be carried by a thieve.

Interior Lining

If you are purchasing a nightstand gun safe, you will need to store some valuables in it. This may be your handgun, jewelry, media, or other items you do not want to bear scratch. Therefore, an interior lining in the gun safe ensures that your valuables do not get scratched even if you handle them roughly. Also, if a person tries to shake up the safe for forceful entry, the contents inside will remain intact and protected.

Quick Access

You should note that a quick access nightstand gun safe is quite helpful during emergencies. Ideally, you cannot expect to find keys or even tamper with the lock at night when there is an intruder in your home. Therefore, you should have quick access mechanisms, such as backup keys, RFID, keypad locks, and fingerprint locks. The fact that most of the safes have locking mechanisms means that you do not have to worry about losing your credentials or even the batteries running out.


Your nightstand gun safe ought to lock all your valuables safely. Therefore, it needs to be sturdy. It ought to be made of thick military-grade polymer or steel gauge steel. That ensures that your safe is resistant to pry attacks even if a thief uses sophisticated power tools.

Fire Safety

The right nightstand gun safe ought to be resistant to fire. One of the right ways is to check its UL rating, which is the standard for the safety of a product.